pet peeve: (lol puns)

when people think animals at shelters should be free to them

a problem on many levels

first, sheltering animals isn’t free. Surprise! Food and space cost money still! The money has to come from somewhere. Asking a fee that typically also covers several important shots/tests helps to ensure that shelters have a steady cash flow and aren’t 100% reliant on donations. 

second, to be real, no one is entitled to a pet. A pet is not better off with you, if you can’t afford to feed it. Asking for a fairly small fee— one that is less than the cost of a vet visit, even— helps to reduce the risk of pets going to owners that might love them, but don’t have the resources for them. 

third, $$ means you’ll think about it. It’s a lot easier to get a free dog on a whim than a $100 one. Cost makes people consider whether they really have the space/time/energy for the pet. It also helps ensure that the pet isn’t going to somewhere it shouldn’t (sold for testing or fighting, etc, sad but can happen, esp. when animals have no cost)

fourth, similar to 1, shelters need people to work there. Volunteers are great, but can’t always be relied upon to actually show up. And these animals will need care daily no matter what. This helps pay them.

Theeee end


People who consider themselves their pets mom and dad are my favorite kind of people and I don’t know how a person could live with a pet otherwise!